Chicago Lasik Eye Surgery – How Fast Do I Recover after Lasik?

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Chicago Lasik Eye Surgery – How Fast Do I Recover after Lasik?


I never thought about Lasik eye surgery recovery time when I went to for procedure in my friend’s laser treatment clinic in Chicago. Honestly, I had no clue. Everything I was aware of is that it works and that people are pleased with the results! I thought, why not try it myself? However, after doing it I realized that there many aspects exist that should be studied from the very beginning. Knowing the approximate recovery time frame can help you to decide how much time you should ask your boss to give you for rehabilitation or when you’ll be able to sit in front of your computer again. Knowing how fast a person can be able to perfectly see again after Lasik is a very important matter that requires an attentive study.

As they say, repetition is the mother of learning and doing things better. Let’s remember something from our previous posts. LASIK is a new contemporary form of surgery that a patient is exposed to in order to correct his or her poor vision. If this procedure is successfully done, you can basically enjoy good eyesight once again and say goodbye to your glasses and contact lenses once more. The overall eye health of an individual is the factor on which the success or failure of this surgery depends. It would be a big mistake both for you and your surgeon to go for laser eye surgery without first carefully evaluating all the existing characteristics. The cornea of your eye is the one being “worked out” with the help of laser technology. It is basically reshaped in order to get its initial form.

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LASIK eye surgery recovery time

LASIK eye surgery recovery time is one of those many important aspects that need to be taken into consideration before going for this surgery. Your own qualification for this procedure should be attentively regarded, as well as the state of your current eyesight and your eyes. The risks and possible complications probably consists the second most important aspect of this kind. How do you plan to select your surgeon? Is the doc someone you know? How did you manage to get in touch with him or her? Are you sure that it’s a professional that you are dealing with? How many years of experience does he have in background? – are just a few of the questions that you have to ask yourself before deciding upon a certain surgeon for your eye surgery. I’ve realized the importance of research only after getting this procedure done and I was quite lucky because everything went smooth.

What really bothers me is the fact that instead of trying to figure how fast can a person face the recovery time after laser surgery, most of you people are being extremely worried about the overall general procedure, which is in fact absolutely painless and takes several minutes only. The experience that you are going to live during your visits to the doctor also matter a lot and you need to approximately scheme something in your mind. Even if the whole recover time can take up to one full year, sometimes less (six months or so), the results after fifteen minutes of Lasik surgery are noticed almost immediately by most people out there. So, I guess the term “fast” is quite relative when talking about Lasik surgery. Remember that no matter how hard the surgeon tries, it all depends on your overall health and the state of your eyes. Take that into consideration and remember!

comparison with other existing eyesight recovery procedures

In comparison with other existing eyesight recovery procedures that exist on the market today, the Lasik eye surgery recovery time is quite short. Going to a clinic that does such complicated vision correction procedures means that something is definitely wrong with your eyes. However, if you have an iron will and a positive attitude, everything is going to be fine and I guess that sooner or later you will be able to recover. Certain investigations that we’ve done show that in some cases only several days are required for total rehabilitation of the patient. Pretty cool, eh? I mentioned before that sometimes, immediate results appear and one can begin to see pretty good even after leaving the office of the surgeon. Don’t fall for something like this. These “perfect vision sparkling” are often because your eyes are still accommodating to the new condition that they have been forced to get. However, even a weak after the surgery the eyes are pretty weak and sensitive and you can’t yet talk about their perfect condition.

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I remember that after my Lasik-eye procedure in Chicago I had to wear sun glasses for a couple of days afterward just to make sure that my eyes are protected by all kind of dust and dirt that might accidentally get it. I somehow suppose that nothing really changed from that time (cause it happened one year ago) and that patients are still recommended to put some protective eye-wear on until the doc says the procedure is over. I didn’t take the antibiotics that my surgeon kindly ask me to take just because I don’t like taking pills, but I have to admit that my eyes really “burnt” a few days after the surgery and they felt totally dry so I had to apply an intensive seven days eye drops therapy. Believe it or not, but it helped! You need to keep your moist and wet all the time in order to avoid infections of all kind and possible irritations. However, while it might be a little frustrating, don’t scratch or rub your eye (or both of them) and try to face the reality. Everyone who is exposed at laser surgery for either myopia or astigmatism is going to pass through these procedures. Don’t pay a great attention; it should not seriously bother you! A good professional surgeon will always tell these things to his clients before the procedure itself.

Even if the recovery time might be your friend even after several days, you still need to be attentive and to avoid certain things, as sitting in front of the TV or your computer screen (even if it’s 24 inches and LCD). Basically one is required to avoid any bright “light related” circumstances in order to protect the eyes from being exposed to extreme conditions. Avoid all situations that would make your eye become too tired. I like to say this – “take it easy!” Whenever you feel itchiness of some kind you should use eye safe drops and don’t let your eyes to get dry and catch an infection of some kind. My Chicago Lasik eye surgery experience taught me a lot and I’m thankful to Dr. Albert for offering me the chance to see the world with my inborn eyes. Remember that you are going to be required to follow doctor’s instructions in order to get out if this recovery time faster and to be able to enjoy our corrected vision. Instead of worrying too much about the procedure that was programmed for the next week, you better try to find several interesting articles here on my blog and inform yourself about how fast can one recover after going through LASIK?


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