How to Find a Good Lasik Eye Surgeon in Chicago?

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How to Find a Good Lasik Eye Surgeon in Chicago?

by Lisa

Even if LASIK vision correction has become blade-free nowadays, this doesn’t mean that you can trust your eyes and the future of your perfect eyesight to anyone. Living in Chicago makes it quite difficult because there is a huge competition among specialists and surgeons. As my first experience with laser surgery was in this particular city I am going to share with you how to find a good Lasik surgeon in Chicago and why I didn’t have to go through all this hassle. Since this procedure started to get famous, a lot of people began offering it. Believe it or not, but we, as potential patients, always have something to learn because the bigger the competition, the higher the possibility to get a discount and the bigger the chances of finding a better and more skilled surgeon. The array of possibilities dramatically increases.

How to Find a Good Lasik Eye Surgeon in Chicago?

Living in a certain city for a long time offers plenty of advantages, from knowing more people and having plenty of acquaintances to meeting a lot of informed folks on a daily basis. So, unless you are fond of “LASIK tourism”, you can really start seeking good surgeons in your hometown. You are going to find a lot of interesting tips, especially if Chicago is the place where you have been living for the last several years. Remember that no matter what others (including me) are going to suggest, you still need to make sure that you are the one who takes the last decision and it’s up to you to choose well. All potential doctors and experienced specialists that might be of help need to be queried, interviewed and asked based on a list of certain questions that I’ll talk about a little bit later. Imagine as if you would take them to work, like accept for a job. It’s similar.

There are different ways to find names of LASIK surgeons in your area, town or city. The very first thing you can do is just ask your parents, spouse, friends, relative, etc. Get a few names; note them on a piece of paper. Next, your family doctor is exactly that person who can have much more information about a potential good local surgeon that could take care of your vision correction for a reasonable price. If done right, use him or her as a referral and enjoy the benefits of doing so. Your phone book is exactly the very best place where most of the private clinics, surgeons and companies often buy advertising. So, in case if you have one somewhere nearby, don’t miss the chance to look through it for several minutes because you might find a lot of interesting information. The third important option that you have is to use internet for doing your research. Just pick the right keywords, as “Lasik eye surgery Chicago” for example and study the websites or the advertisement that appears on the first page. You are going to be amazed by how many names and addresses you’ll be able to collect and I’m pretty serious about it.

When trying to find a good ophthalmologist in Chicago (but it works with all the other existing locations), the very first thing that you have to exclude from your possible list of compromises is the quality of the procedure itself. You don’t want to risk because there are many risks involved in risking (joking). However, the idea is that many dangerous consequences exist and you need to be aware of them. There is a famous quotation that sounds like “cheap things are seldom good and good things are seldom cheap”. Think about it and let me know what your opinion is. Do you agree that paying a little bit more for a good surgery done by a more experienced guy is the right way to do it? If you are in Chicago, you don’t want to trust a doctor who thinks about profits first; instead of the patients he treats. While quality is what you should be seeking, stay away from lower prices because these only intend to lure more clients in. In fact, the prices are almost the same worldwide, surgeons differ.

Finding a good Lasik surgeon means locating a skilled doctor that you can trust. Remember that laser eye vision correction specialist will always be in touch with the latest scene technologies and developments and will definitely be up to date in his personal practice. That’s why when you see someone that has equipment that dates 5-3 years ago you have to run like crazy and totally exclude him from the list of good guys. This is what I’ve done with almost three surgeons, in Chicago, before finding Dr. Albert.  When you discuss with certain surgeons on your list, don’t forget them to ask them what international and national organizations they belong to. Another interesting question that most are probably prepared to answer, but the answer of which will certainly provide you more certainty in what you are going for is asking the surgeon about this years of practice. The background of his Lasik eye surgery practice. What is it? If the procedure you are about to take slightly differs from everything that is offered on the market and he is the one that suggests it, try to find out how many times did he do it in the past, before you. You might discover some very interesting things.

Another interesting trick to use when selecting your LASIK eye surgeon is ask him names of previous patients that he successfully managed to treat. While most consider this partially secret information, good LASIK doctors will always have a few good names for you. In case you doubt his honesty, try to find their phone numbers and verify the information. A good specialist and a smart person will take that into consideration and won’t give false info, as he realizes that it can be tracked down pretty easy. The exact moment to move on is after finding out the insurance question. Has the surgeon ever had any existence malpractice insurance refused? When you get more experience you will certainly realize how important this is! In the end, the total number of surgeries performed would be great to have somewhere written. There is a big difference between a surgeon with 10 procedures and another one with almost 300. What do you think?

Selecting a good LASIK eye vision correction surgeon is a huge responsibility. When making the decision, you have to go for the one who has the most knowledge in the surgery eyesight improvement field. You don’t want to deal with someone who know just the basics and is practicing. Let them find other people to do their testing on. Remember that being shy when getting the required data and facts out of a potential surgeon that could handle your eyesight problem is not good. Press harder when necessary; a good doctor will always be able to make you understand even the smallest details and will have enough patience to get through all the eye care process, starting with preparation, the surgery itself and the recovery period. If even after talking to a few, uncertainty still dominates in your mind, go for more. Don’t be lazy; you will be able to find, sooner or later, the surgeon that you can trust. If you are in Chicago, I can recommend a good Lasik surgeon without you to do a lot of research. That’s Dr. Albert. Enough said, now go and find him.


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