Laser Eye Surgery and Vision Correction in Chicago

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LASIK Eye Surgery and Vision Correction in Chicago

Introducing Lasik Eye Surgery Chicago

Many cities and towns have different places that you can visit to have Lasik eye surgery performed, however there is a definite advantage when you live close to or in a large city. That is one reason that there are so many Lasik eye surgery Chicago locations and services available today. Naturally each of the locations has their individual advantages and you will need to consider several things prior to making your decision on which location to use. Of course one major consideration is the cost, how much you are able and willing to pay for the procedure. Keep in mind that the cost of the procedure may seem expensive but you also have to consider that it may end those costly yearly visits to the eye doctor and the cost of glasses or contacts.

Many people do not realize that Lasik eye surgery actually falls under the category of plastic surgery. This is because it is considered elective and many argue that the desire to no longer wear glasses is a cosmetic concern. However, this does widen your area of choices of facilities since they are available at more locations that include cosmetic surgery. Keep in mind that you want to check out those locations very carefully as often times there may be a lack of information concerning your specific procedure. Naturally it will be done safely, however the staff may not be as knowledgeable about the procedure as the surgeon may be.

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Obviously a Lasik surgery office or clinic is a good place to go for this type of procedure as they only perform Lasik related surgery and both the doctor and the staff are knowledgeable and work well together. Often a surgeon will create one of these centers as part of their private practice. This helps to ensure that all of the equipment is of the latest technology and that you will receive the utmost attention to detail, in the procedure and in you personally.

Out of the three major types of Chicago Lasik eye surgery locations to have the procedure performed the advanced laser center or clinic will be the best location equipped to handle any situation, even those of an unusual or emergency nature, which may occur after your surgery. Just be sure to check out several locations before making any decisions.

No matter what the procedure or treatment is it is always essential to choose the right facility and a doctor with the proper qualifications to handle it. This is true for any surgery and especially Lasik surgery that involves your precious sense of sight. So checking out the facility and the doctor should be where you start when considering where to have the procedure performed. By doing some research, background checking and speaking with people you should be able to make an informed decision about which location to choose.

Of course, you want to know how long they have been in business and how long has the doctor been performing actual Lasik procedures. Make them tell you what their background and training experience has been. Have them explain exactly what type of results can that you can expect from your surgery. See what type of results past patients have had and see if you can speak with them or if they have testimonials available.

If cost is a concern you may want to ask if there are financing options available when you are checking out the various Chicago Lasik eye surgery facilities. Also be sure to question if pre and post office visits are included in the cost and if so how many are included. Also, see if there is any type of fee involved if you have an emergency post-operative emergency as many locations will not charge for this, but some do.

Some of the other questions you may want to ask include what kind of laser they use. Laser light has one single wavelength (color) rather than all of the colors as in every day white lights. The waves are directional instead of being scattered; each wave works completely in step with another one so that its power is vastly increased. You should also ask how often they calibrate their laser as it is recommended that they be recalibrated at least after every fourth time it is used. Ask what type of other equipment they use and make sure that it is state of the art.

Other questions you want to consider asking when searching for a competent Chicago Lasik eye surgery facility include asking them what type of microkeratome they use and how often do they change the incisor? This is the instrument that is used to cut and create the corneal flap at the beginning of the surgery and every patient should have a new incisor used on them for each procedure.

Another option available to individuals that want Lasik eye surgery is called custom Lasik. Custom Lasik is performed according to the unique visual aspects and characteristics of your eye. Until recently using contacts, glasses and other conventional corrections were all fairly similar for every kind of prescription. When using custom Lasik a process called Wavefront technology is used to measure your eye from back to front creating a 3-D map of the cornea and your individual irregularities are stored in the map which in turn gets sent to the laser using a computer. This Wavefront map basically guides the laser in order for it to customize your treatment based on the information that it gathered resulting in a very uniquely personalized Lasik procedure.

No matter which lasik eye surgery Chicago facility that you choose be sure that you have a complete and clear understanding of your particular procedure from start to finish. Some of the terms and procedures may seem somewhat confusing to you and a good doctor will understand this and answer all of your questions. If you feel that you need further clarification or more information try checking for it online; the Internet is full of information regarding this procedure.


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