Lasik Eye Surgery Chicago – LASIK vs. Alternative Eyesight Improvement

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Lasik Eye Surgery Chicago – LASIK vs. Alternative Eyesight Improvement

There is a great debate going on these days. People who managed to use surgery to throw their eyeglasses away claim that finding a good surgeon and going for this $1,000 USD/per eye procedure while trusting his is worthy; on the other hand, we have those guys who are fans of big personalities like Bates and who consider that anyone is able to contribute to his eyesight improvement in a way or another, without any surgeries and damaging of your eye’s tissue. These are totally against running what has been given to you when you were born and don’t recommend LASIK eye surgery as a reliable option. While I have to agree with both, the fact that my Lasik eye surgery specialists from Chicago did a great job and helped me forget about how much do contact lenses cost is still a fact and is going to remain one for the entire life. Nevertheless, while due to my partial laziness’ and ignorance I selected the use of laser eye treatment for fixing my eyesight, my father, meanwhile, decided to try an alternative method and obtained some simply awesome results that I never thought about being possible.

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You see, what usually happens is that people are too uncertain about things. They worry too much; and this goes for both parts of the barricades. I’m going to share with you guys my personal opinion regarding LASER eye surgery. As long as it works, as long as people are happy and pleased with the results, let it be so. Even if so many are taking advantage of human suffering and earning riches, you still need to consider LASIK as a reliable option whenever you are too sick of doing something that not work, you are tired of getting new  pairs of totally inefficient eyeglasses or of putting your lenses on each and every morning. The future depends on the decision that you take today and the more exact it is going to be, the better the results that you will have. No matter what you do in this life, stress is a big part of it. Alternative remedies seem to have cure for most of our human problems. However, the lack of knowledge, interest, trust and time makes masses choose what is better advertised, what offers more success (according to some published statistics) and what costs more. I have done a study recently where I scientifically prove that our human nature tends to trust more those things that are much more expensive than others.

LASIK vs. alternative eyesight improvement is the title of multiple threads on health forums. It seems that people can’t stop doing what they do. It seems that instead of helping each other, they are trying to prove to the rest of the world who was the correct one. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a waste of time. If you live in Chicago and going for that laser eye correction treatment worked, than why not be happy with it and continue to live your life. Why find contradictory options and try to confront those? Don’t you have anything else to do in this life? The same things apply to those who are fond of alternative treatment methods and eye vision correction techniques inspired from methods based on exercises, stress relief, breathing and meditation. If you guys experienced good results doing what you do, why won’t you write a book and let others know your point of view, but insist that this is the only method that should be practiced? I guess we are going for something like 50/50 here and that’s good because the lack of harmony is the main reason why most of us can’t find peace and calmness in whatever we do.

I managed to correct my vision in a good private laser eye care clinic in Chicago and I’m proud, happy and pleased of what I did. I am now able to safely and securely drive my Mercedes while seeing everything around. I can also enjoy my flat screen TV and my 36 inches LCD monitor that I recently got myself. Life has become much easier and all due to the fact that I realized that no matter how much Lasik surgery costs, you need to invest in it if this is what you believe is going to help. In one out of ten, people do it, but in most cases, they just hesitate, and this is what makes everyone strangely nod and continue to live their life while keeping their head down. Don’t be sorry for the things that you didn’t have the courage to do in life, no matter if we are talking about surgery or alternative. If you believe in something and work hard to achieve it, it is going to happen; it is going to become a reality. At least this is what my Chicago Lasik surgeon helped me to do.



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