LASIK Eye Surgery Chicago – The Risks of Laser Eye Procedure

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LASIK Eye Surgery Chicago – The Risks of Laser Eye Procedure


Even though LASIK eye surgery is regarded as something really amazing and efficient when it comes to bettering the eyesight and stopping to wear glasses, one should not deny the risks of laser procedure. In this post I am going to mentioned and shortly talk about a few of them. To every action there is a reaction and sometimes it happens that the patient’s eyesight organs did not accept it. However, don’t worry much because these cases are not so often and there are solutions to take care of such negative outcome no matter what happens. Try to understand that when you decide to go for such an operation you need to discover all the pros and cons and take your decision only after perfectly understanding everything. When I decided that laser surgery is what I really need, I first studied the negative aftermath rate at most clinics that perform LASIK in Chicago. Even if I know that it basically has nothing to do, I still breathed easily and walked forward to accomplish my goal.

If this is the first post that you a reading here on my blog than you need to stop and first analyze the “What is Lasik” article. I offer an in depth explanation of everything related to this procedure and to be honest, I don’t know if it is necessary to repeat it once again. However, you need to be aware of certain aspects before passing to the study of the real risks of laser eye procedure that we share here in this article. What is really important for you to be aware of is that even a professional surgeon cannot control how the eyes of the patient are going to react to this procedure, when performing this precise, yet slim corneal flap with the help of microkeratome. There is a unique pre specified corneal eye patter for every patient out there. It is used for the laser to reshape the corneal tissue that is exposed when pulling back the above mentioned flap. After this is done, everything is being repositioned at its place for safety reasons. Now the patient needs to close his eyes, wait and rest…

the risks lasik eye surgery

Infecting the cornea

Statistics show that only in one out of one thousand cases of laser eye surgery, a patient might have his or her cornea infected after the procedure. This is not deadly, but will certainly result in a discomfort and an unexpected delay in revitalizing and healing. Even if the surgeon takes all the necessary security measures in order to protect the cornea from the infection, it might happen, from various reasons, which we are not going to talk about here in this post. One should know that infecting the cornea is not extremely dangerous, but it is better to be avoided.

Syndrome of the dry eye

This is one of the most popular things that can happen as a secondary effect to Lasik eye surgery. Tears have the ability to provide and keep moisture for your eyes to feel very comfortable. Sometimes, due to the accidental exaggerated use of laser, your eye(s) can temporary lose their ability to produce the necessary quantity of tears in order for your eyes to be able to relax and rest after this procedure. Even if the dry eye syndrome is not permanent and is considered to be only a matter of time, certain eye drops are prescribed if it goes wrong.

Flap damage

Sometimes, detaching the flap that covers your cornea is just a matter of extreme attention. An extremely slightly inaccurate move of your surgeon can either damage or even rip it off its initial place. While there are ways to “install” it back, it is not recommended at all to let something like this happen. This is a well known risk that all surgeons are aware of and that’s why plenty of methods to “fix” it has been developed when a series of such cases has been registered. It can happen in certain circumstances, but the good news is that the flap can be returned.

Surgery regression

While most of the clinics, companies and private LASIK surgeons are going to promise you instant results (and it’s true, it takes up to 10 minutes for your eyes to recover from poor sighting) it might happen that after a period of several months, the effect can slowly disappear until your myopia or astigmatism appears once again. This is one of the risks that you and your surgeon need to assume and it is called regression, as the effect can be gradually lost.

Halo optical effect

Another “interesting” risk of laser eye surgery (and it doesn’t matter if you do it in Chicago or not) is the halo effect (an optical effect) that deals with untreated parts of the cornea that start to receive and perceive low level of lights. This (the second faded image when the pupil is getting bigger)  can scary patients that didn’t have a clue that research is necessary to be done before going for any surgery and forgot to come to my blog to read about this. Driving during late hours is one of those moments where this effect can sometimes show itself, so beware.

Exaggerated correction

If you want to leave a peaceful life get rid of extremes; the same can be mentioned here, when talking about the risks of laser eye procedure performed even in the best clinics of the world. The under correction or over correction problem appears because it is merely impossible to suppose how is the eye of a certain patient going to react to laser and its effects. While there are many so called “specialists” which claim that contact lenses or glasses can be required after LASIK is done, I really begin to doubt their “skills” and “experience”. Is it really that terrible? I think that most people go towards investing so much money in a better vision just because they are sick and tired of glasses and lenses and they want to be free from further surgeries and problems, not vice versa!

Listen to me guys, I’ve done my LASIK eye surgery in Chicago and I’m pleased with the results (the surgeon was a good friend of mine). However, you might need to carefully analyze every little step of this procedure if you want to reduce the potential risks that might appear in the long run. Consult with a specialist and before going for the actual surgery make sure you know everything that might occur in the long run. I guess that no matter if there are existing risks of laser surgery for the correction of your eyesight or not, we still need to be thankful to the advanced technology that helps people throw away their glasses and forget about their sticky lenses!

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