My Chicago Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare Experience

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My Chicago Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare Experience

by Lisa

Those who are reading my blog probably know that Chicago was the town where I managed to find a good clinic to get my LASIK done. It was no easy choice, but due to my good friend that was the big boss in that private surgeon office I successfully managed to get through it. After managing to recover my vision I was simply amazed how much work do certain aftercare procedures really take. Starting from taking those antibiotics (pills that I’ve always avoided) and dripping drops in your irritated or dry eye and ending with constant visiting to your doctor, the aftercare period after getting the laser eye surgery done might put a few people on fire, either because of the lack of time or sometimes patience. In this post I want to share with you guys my Chicago laser eye surgery aftercare adventures which fortunately ended well for everyone and that people often bash too much. The truth is…

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I wanted my Lasik experience to be a successful and efficient one from the very beginning. When you strongly believe in something, it becomes a reality. However, the whole idea of reshaping my cornea gave me a lot of headache (for the first time in my life). I have to admit that I’m not the kind of person to be afraid of doctors and stay away from them, but in this particular case it really made me think about. I started to have doubts. Anyways, if you are reading this post I believe that you are one of those people whose friend is the internet. The key of properly succeeding in something nowadays is doing your research on the internet first. This is what I’ve done, and one of the first articles that I’ve stumbled upon was an aftercare solution for those who passed through Lasik surgeries of both their eyes. There were so many points listed there that I immediately called Dr. Albert and asked him about the validity of that information. He confirmed, but said there is nothing I should worry because he has better plans for me. How can I not believe an old friend?

Remember, the first important step towards a good surgery is finding the right surgeon who can help and that you can trust. If you don’t believe in your doc it is more than possible that the procedure won’t succeed and that is guaranteed. The surgery aftercare information is always being shared by the person who is responsible of your fast recovery and in most of the cases it is the same professor who did the surgery itself, so don’t be amazed. Usually, they run such an office all by themselves and only seldom hire a nurse or a secretary to take orders, to contact clients and to remind them about certain aftercare procedures that are required to be done from time to time. When I decided to go for my Lasik surgery in Chicago, I never thought that it is going to be so time consuming. However, even if there are no complications and risks in your particular case, you are also going to be required to use those drops and protect your eyes from windy weather when possible. Taking antibiotics and other pills is not always necessary and usually depends on the level of aftermath effects that appeared.

When thinking about Laser eye surgery, it is very important to take into consideration the necessary recover time and to remember about aftercare, because it is still important. It will help in planning your week more wisely. Just because they see fast results even at the end of the procedure itself (LASIK), this doesn’t mean that aftercare is nothing serious and doesn’t require much attention. On the contrary! While a surgical intervention of laser eye correction can take no more than several minutes for being totally complete, you are going to be told to act extremely careful during the recovery period since this is when your organism tries to adapt the new circumstances either by fighting (first of all) and then gradually accepting everything as natural. In most of the cases, the success rate is directly influenced by time, which is the determinant factor in your aftercare recovery time frame. A lot of fuzzy information is being published on the net today. Authors scare patients about those up to six months of absolutely necessary recovery. That’s not always necessary and true. All you need to know is that you simply need to protect your eyes just like an open wound and not let any infection get it whenever possible. The better you do it, the faster this aftercare period is going to end.

Your surgeon is going to handle you a list of precautions that you are going to be required to follow and adapt to. When I decided to do my Lasik in Chicago I never thought about these and just had to wait a much longer time for total recovery than necessary. So be aware and learn from my mistakes that I kindly ramble about here on my site. In most cases, people don’t pay attention to small details and this is why they fail. Lasik surgery is a very precise procedure that requires maximum concentration and attention from both the surgeon and the patient. Don’t let your hands down and wait for everything to come from your doctor. If you want to have results you need to fight, to work hard and never to give up, even when dealing with laser therapies for a better vision!

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