What is LASIK?

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Before paying a visit to a Lasik eye surgeon in Chicago, it is recommend that you discover what LASIK is all about.
I had the opportunity to chat with various people about eye vision, how to better your eyesight, is going for a surgical intervention really necessary and it seems that a lot of people are very far away from really knowing the pros and the cons of this laser assisted method. All they know is that people get rid of all the old vision problems and get a new hope in life, while being able to see everything and everyone in a much better way.

Being informed and well documented regarding the LASIK procedure is very important in my opinion. Without being aware of the latest news, technologies, positive and negative aspects and the secrets which are not being revealed to the public, you will certainly have a difficult time and experience a lot of uncertainty before going to the surgeon’s office.

What is LASIK?

So, what is LASIK?

Being interested in the real unabbreviated significance of this term means a lot I guess. “Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis” is what it stands for. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most effective procedures for obtaining finer eyesight for many people out there. We all know that eyeglasses are a big pain and that they don’t help to improve our vision. On the contrary, each time we put eyeglasses on we negatively contribute.

LASIK helped supports and will definitely continue to aid millions of people all over the world to improve their nearsighted fault (myopia) or farsighted vision (astigmatism). Believe it or not, but this method makes people free of wearing ugly and face consuming eyeglasses. Did you ever wanted to get rid of them and start seeing perfectly again? Well, nowadays advanced technology offers the chance for people to receive a finer vision after this surgical process.

Nevertheless, it is also important to know that everything is based on certain equilibrium, even the LASIK procedure. Nobody doubts the fact that it helped so many persons with blurred eyesight receive their seeing potential back, but people should also know about the multitude of secondary effects that this surgery might cause either immediately after being applied or in the long run. So, before being so enthusiastic about the high percentage rate of success, you need to sit down and read our article about the possible negative sides of going for LASIK eye surgical procedure. Don’t be lazy and do a general research. Discover which are the pros and the cons and try to determine if you will handle it financially. Having all the necessary information about the possible negative results is very important in my opinion and is going to aid you during your decisional process.

The corneal shape (the tissue layer arching to the pupil and the iris) is going to be manually modified using advanced medical techniques that are being used during the LASIK surgery, as a part of the whole process. After finishing the whole procedure, your cornea will once again be able to bend those beams of light. This is going to help the sight to be focused directly on your retina instead of going beyond or even in front of its point. This is basically the main cause why people look for services provided by LASIK surgeons so much. Last time I was home in Chicago my sister was thinking about going for this laser eye improvement procedure, but I told her to be patient and not hurry until she knows for sure the real cause that made her poor eyesight increase so dramatically fast. It seems that a little bit of uncontrolled stress was the main cause. If prevented, no changes are going to be required to be done to your corneal shape.

Specialists that never heard about alternative ways to make your poor vision better claim that LASIK eye surgery is a great method to treat your eyes when you suffer from either myopia (nearsighted fault) or astigmatism (farsighted vision).

Now I’m going to explain the main difference between the two aspects of problematic eyesight that you are required to know before deciding that laser is your finest option. The eyeball of a nearsighted person is a little bit longer than the one of a normal person, causing a slightly curved form. This causes that well known shaft of light concentrated on the retina, which is the main reason for having a blurry vision when reading books or trying to understand what is that letter all about. On the other hand, farsighted fault acts the very opposite way. Instead of focusing the light on the retina, the eyeball’s flat form forces it to concentrate exactly behind it. This is how your distance vision becomes so hazy and totally unclear.

So the syndrome called astigmatism is caused either by its irregular flattening or the curving of cornea. Is that clear? Those who managed to get rid of eyesight problems using alternative methods wonder “when are you going to learn to relax the muscles of your eyes?


”Keratotomy is the action of cutting a cornea and it is used exactly in the situations mentioned above, in order to “repair” it, to stop it from being deformed and to eliminate the destruction of the normal optic refraction. You guys need to know that the main cause of poor sight, no matter what form are you dealing with is actually nothing more than your poor chance of your eyes to refract. So, judging based on this principle, the moment you manage to get a new improved form of your cornea, you are immediately going to be able to improve your vision.

Corneal incisions are done in various different procedures, usually three. This is what LASIK surgeons might take into consideration. When the patient suffers from astigmatism, a special procedure named astigmatic keratotomy is going to be prescribed. A greater eyesight – this is the main goal of those specialists that perform this kind of procedure, while incising the bulges of the corneal portion.

On the other hand, simple LASIK keratotomy is the name of the procedure that can be used to fix the patient’s nearsighted vision problem. Hexagonal keratotomy is the name of the treatment used to clear the farsighted fault. Always take into consideration that LASIK surgeons might sometimes deny to accept to perform this laser treatment due to serious affections of the cornea’s sides.

No matter if you go for your Lasik eye surgery in Chicago or not, you are still going to need to know what LASIK is. I hope that you learned something from this post. Stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS feed for more interesting info.

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